13 Ideas To Dress Up Your Deck

Decks serve many purposes. A deck is a place to gather with family and friends as well as a place to sit back and enjoy the morning alone. One way to make any deck even more alluring is by adding certain items and creating spaces that are elegant, yet cozy and functional.


Using Water

Water has a calming effect on the human psyche. Add a water feature like a fountain to jazz up your deck and create a more calm environment.

Utilize Color

Color is lively and appealing. Bring in bright colors with plantings that have color. A great mixture of annuals and perennials can be used to line the edge of the deck.

A Lattice

A lattice is not only beautiful but also adds privacy. Place one along one side of the deck to encourage plants to grow and add color and pleasing scents.

Above and Below

Use all the space available. If you have an upper deck, don’t neglect the area underneath it. This is where you can create a shady and charming retreat.

Add Art

Spice up the area with art pieces. Hang focal point art along one wall. Three dimensional pieces made from bold metals add texture and interest.

Fire It Up

Fires make it possible to use your deck even when it gets colder. Place a fire pit in the center of the deck for relaxing evenings with smores as you watch the sun go down.

Fun and Creative Pots

Pots are full of color and texture. Use a variety of pots on the deck. Large pots make a statement that stands out. Smaller pots bring in more subtle hints of pattern and different shapes to catch the eye.

A Canvas Overhead

Canvas tents are portable and easy to use during the autumn months. Place one on the deck that lets you and your guests retreat from the cold or rainy weather.

Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions make any deck an ideal place to gather. Look for comfortable pillows and cushions that can withstand varied weather conditions from cold and snow to high humidity.

Wonderful Lighting

Lighting sets a mood and makes it easy to gather outside safely. Hang lights along the edge of the deck for a broader range of lighting. Overhead lighting options such as lanterns can be strung along the side of the house.

Lay Down a Rug

Rugs are a great place to put your feet. Use a large rug to anchor your outdoor furnishings.

Comfortable, Durable Furniture

Make the deck come alive with wonderful places to sit. Specially designed deck furniture is a must. Look for pieces that mirror your interior design for a unified look both in and outside the home.

Lots of Tables

Tables make it easy to do different activities from playing games to sitting down with a drink. A larger table acts as a unifying way to create a conversation area. Smaller, scattered tables make it possible for people to sit down with a book and a drink.