Decking Materials and the Northern Virginia Climate

Deck Construction and Material Selection

Constructing a deck can be a great experience. That’s not to say that it’s not something that calls for careful planning and consideration, however. If you want to build a high-quality deck that can stand the test of time, you need to do a lot of preparing. You need to consider your climate, budget, aesthetic preferences and beyond. These factors can all influence your decking material selection. If you’re interested in decking materials that are appropriate for the weather in Northern Virginia, you need to be detail-oriented and thorough. Never select decking material impulsively or quickly. Doing so can lead to many stresses at later times.

There’s no doubt that Northern Virginia is a lovely place. It’s not uncommon, however, for Northern Virginia residents to experience seriously cold winter months. If you want to make a smart decking material selection in Northern Virginia, you should think about lumber that’s pressure-treated. This can be an outstanding option for people who appreciate wood decks. If you treat your lumber deck frequently, you can keep the effects of harsh weather at bay. Routine upkeep can do wonders for people in Northern Virginia who wish to keep their lumber decks immaculate. If you want your lumber deck to be devoid of noticeable splitting, cracking and deterioration in general, routine treatment can go a long way.


People who reside in Northern Virginia are no strangers to wintertime snow. Winter wonderlands definitely look enchanting. They can make some property owners more than a little anxious about the conditions of their decks, though. If you want your deck to stay flawless and in strong condition after the winter months and excessive contact with moisture, then you should explore options that are resistant to the effects of H20. There are woods that aren’t that susceptible to water’s impact. Examples of these woods are ipe, redwood and cedar. If you select any of these woods, your deck should be A-OK all winter long. Remember, too, that deck sealer use is also critical.


Some people are drawn to decks that consist of bamboo, interestingly enough. Bamboo decks can work out well for people who have concerns that involve dampness. If you have concerns that involve intense rainfall, a bamboo deck may serve you nicely. People frequently integrate bamboo into decks that consist of composite components. Bamboo is notable due to the fact that it doesn’t take in a significant amount of water. It differs greatly from sawdust in this respect. Moisture is always a big concern in times of mugginess, melting ice and beyond.


Why is it so critical to select decking material that’s fitting for the climate in Northern Virginia? Selecting decking material by analyzing climate factors can be intelligent for a couple of major reasons. It can promote a deck that has a pristine and fresh appearance, first of all. It can also encourage deck longevity. If you want to keep your deck dependable and strong for years, proper material selection is a must.