Be Ready for the Spring Season with a New or Upgraded Deck

A deck is the most dominant feature of a backyard. If you use the deck regularly, you are responsible for maintaining its function and appearance. Learn a few recommended ways to improve your patio deck for this upcoming Spring season.

Winter Temperatures Cause Damages

Reduce the various damages that were made to your deck during the winter. Freezing temperatures cause the worst problems for any deck. After it rains, the water remains until it freezes into ice and expands. By the start of Spring, cracks will appear that you didn’t see a few months before.

Piles of snow melt and leave behind large pools of water. This water causes mold and mildew to develop on damp surfaces. A severe infestation of mold is difficult or impossible to remove by scraping alone, so the materials may have to be replaced completely. Overall, there are many wintertime problems that will affect the quality and appearance of your deck.

Improve the Function

Applying a sealant is the first step to improve the function of a deck. It’s similar to applying car wax or polishing wood furniture. The sealant is designed to protect against scratches, cracks and other types of superficial damages.

A fence is a good decorative feature to add around a deck. Remodel an old fence or install a new one if it fits your budget. Remodeling is necessary to replace any missing boards or apply a new sealant. You can install a brand-new fence altogether using stronger materials, such as fortified wood, aluminum or wrought iron.

Use furniture to improve the deck’s sitting area. Choose functional materials, such as wood, wicker or plastic, that are commonly used for outdoor spaces. Manufacturers are making a wide range of designs that suit anyone’s budget.

Improve the Look

The look of the deck is just as important as its function. Build one or more hardscapes that provide a solid background for your landscape. Choose from a variety of hard materials like stone, wood or cement. Next to your deck, build a walkway or retaining wall that creates a solid foundation for the yard.

Create softscape designs that consist of plants, trees or bushes. Some yard owners like to plant tree groves, while others prefer flower gardens. A popular trend is to install water features like pools, Jacuzzis or waterfalls. Most homeowners like to combine hardscape and softscape designs to create a balance in the yard.

A patio deck is a solid structure that you and your guests enjoy all year around. However, winter is the harshest time to own a deck because freezing temperatures are highly destructive. As the weather warms up, make the effort of repairing and maintaining your patio before the arrival of Spring.