Patios and Walkways
Adding a walkway or patio to your home is an excellent way to make your landscaping, and backyard more welcoming and usable. Having a patio is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors or entertain guests. A walkway opens up your yard to make every part of it more convenient and accessible.

– Enjoy outdoor space with convenient access to your house
– Multiple levels including screened in porches
– Low maintenance materials
– Entertain or just relax

A patio can be designed to be an entirely separate outdoor living area or an extension of your home. Based on your needs we can design intricate pathways to private spaces or large inviting areas for entertainment.


Decks and Curved Decking

The traditional wooden deck is still a favorite way to extend your outdoor space, although we often use composite materials for stability and appearance. Your consultation offers the opportunity to see samples of the materials up close. Or visit our showroom for the best view of our full range of decking materials.


You can choose a curved deck to add that custom and unique look to your home. Designer Decks and Patios can help you design a one of a kind deck.


Deciding to leave your space open or enclosed with railings? If small children live in the home or are frequent visitors, you’ll likely want an enclosure. A railing might be appropriate, especially if the deck is elevated and will be the spot for night time entertaining. If growing plants is part of your deck plan, we’ll leave an area to receive sunshine.


However, if you’re planning a stone patio at ground level, an enclosure might not be needed. If privacy is your ultimate goal, we offer several ways to install a full enclosure. You decide what is important, just make sure to think it through during the design process.


Our design engineers ask the right questions so that you can make the right decisions. Trust our professionals for your plan, your installation, and your follow-up. Here are some testimonials from our happily satisfied customers.


Outdoor Kitchens
Adding an outdoor kitchen gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family. We understand the importance of constructing elements for an outdoor kitchen that can reflect your personality and that is safe and durable.
A properly designed outdoor kitchen will allow you to cook outdoors. No matter the time of year. All of the essential elements in your kitchen will always be protected. Cooking your food outside is something that is truly amazing.  well-designed outdoor kitchen area is a place where you should feel comfortable and offer privacy, safety and security.  Contact Designer Decks and Patios to meet with our design team to customize and discuss the best layout for your outdoor grill space, outdoor refrigerator, and more.  We can bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life!


At Designer Decks and Patios we provides fences of all types, styles in various colors. We can provide every aspect to the fence installation and repair process, including residential & commercial jobs. With the experience of working with all types of fences, and styles and with over hundred of satisfied customers, you can be assured that our team can assist you in personalizing your fence to satisfy your expectations and answer all of your questions and concerns.


  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl

Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pits
Add some style and ambiance to your backyard and outdoor kitchen by investing in a fireplace or fire pit. Those cooler nights can now be spent roasting marshmallows with friends and family. Our professional builders only use the highest quality materials like natural stone and brick for your gas or wood fireplace.  Whether you want to take your entertainment to the next level with a fire place for social gatherings or just to give your backyard a unique look, Designer Decks and Patios can turn your outdoor living space from a dream to a reality.  


Outdoor Structures
– Pavilion and Gazebo
Entertaining outdoors has its perks until the sun or a little rain becomes a factor. Adding a pavilion or gazebo can give your backyard an added feature while providing comfort and relaxation. You can also add benches for seating, curtains for privacy, or even a ceiling fan.


Stone Walls
A stone wall can not only give your space the design element but functionality. Some backyards have some landscaping or structural element that needs to be either contained or supported. The challenge is finding a way to address those issues while still staying true to your outdoor design theme. A few ways a stone wall can be a potential solution:


  • Support posts and columns: If you have a protruding deck roof or patio cover, then they’ll of course need some form of support. Dress up those posts with full or partial stone veneer.
  • Grass or planter protrusions: As well-maintained as your planter or lawn may appear, it certainly never looks good when dirt or overgrown vegetation finds its way onto your sidewalk or patio. The answer to this problem is often an edging wall. It can offer you two distinct benefits:
    Added seating for guests without the need for additional chairs
    Increased space in which to plant more shrubs and flowers
  • Advancing slopes: If you live on a hill, then the slow advance of the slope in your yard can threaten your landscape design. A retaining wall can keep a slope at bay, while also providing an added decorative element.


Pools, Ponds and Putting Greens

Whether it’s a pool to cool off during the summer Designer Decks and Patios can bring your backyard to life and become the talk of the neighborhood. We offer many different materials and features like: concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, stone water feature, colorful mosaic tile border and contemporary infinity edge.

Pool Accessories

There are so many ways to customize your pool space. Add chaise loungers and umbrellas to customize your lounging space, a diving board to make a splash, or a cabana to entertaining by the pool.

Nothing adds to the ambiance and tranquility of an outdoor setting like ponds and waterfalls. You can build fabulous ponds in nearly any location of your yard, such as in the back or front, in the shade or sun, in the patio or by the pool. We can transform a dull body of water into a vibrant stream, full of activity and life, transforming it into a beautiful backyard pond with darting fish, floating plants.


Entryways and Driveways

Having a beautiful and dramatic entryway to your home not only gives your home “wow” factor when your visitors arrive but also adds resale value to your home. The team at Designer Decks and Patios can design and customize an entrance to your budget that also matches your home/landscape design.

Whether if it’s visual aesthetics, lifespan or low cost, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Options for your entry and driveway materials include:


  • Stamped Concrete
  • Brick
  • Interlocking Pavers
  • Stone