Three Ways to Add Luxury and Value to Your Backyard

Implementing features in your backyard that creates a luxurious atmosphere can increase your property value and appeal. Aside from the monetary considerations, it will make your living space more peaceful and enjoyable. With a little creativity and investment, you can surpass the typical back porch and flower bed.

Just imagine walking into a backyard full of luxurious permaculture shade or relaxing in a bubbly hot tub with a glass of Chardonnay. You can have all of this in your backyard no matter what size area you have to work with. Here are three ideas to add luxury and value to your backyard.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Anyone could go to the hardware store and get a nice grill to host outdoor cookouts. If you like to cook outdoors frequently you should consider installing an outdoor kitchen. It does not take a large investment to create a beautiful and useful outdoor cooking environment.

To start the perfect area draft a plan that includes an outdoor food preparation counter with access to some closed storage. Near your food prep area you will need some side by side stove top burners. You could also consider adding a brick oven. Don’t forget to add a refrigerator and sink somewhere in your outdoor kitchen blueprint.

Implement Lots of Cool Shaded Areas

Even the most avid sun lover will appreciate some shady areas. If you live in a hot climate, having lots of shade is very beneficial to have in your yard. The shade will also increase the safety of your yard by reducing harmful sunlight UV rays.

There are lots of ideas to create more shade in your yard. If you have long term yard goals, consider planting a tree that will grow and offer lots of shaded areas. If you need to create shade quickly, place umbrellas outside or install a retractable awning. A gorgeous and lovely smelling shade area can be created using pergolas or arbors draped with living jasmine vines.

Create an Outdoor Spa

Having an outdoor spa is a luxury that most long for after a long day. There are tons of backyard spa ideas that include saunas, aromatherapy areas hot tubs. The hot tub is the most popular aspect of every outdoor spa area and a must have.

There are several things to consider when planning to install a hot tub. Do you want a circular tub or a rectangular tub? Which area will offer privacy, shade and easy access to your home. Also remember that hot tubs can weigh up to two tons. Make sure your area offers a strong foundation with plenty of room to walk around the hot tub.

Whether you would enjoy having an outdoor meal or reading in a shady spot, there are plenty of ways to make your backyard enjoyable and luxurious. You can create an outdoor cooking area or design a relaxing spa to enjoy every evening. Plan and implement your dream yard design.