Trex Decks: The Innovative and Stunning Decking Solution

Trex Decks outperform other types of decking materials and stand as the best brand of composite decking available on the market. Trex Brand composite decks, installed by our experts at Designer Decks and Patios, will give you that gorgeous natural wood looks without the many downsides of traditional wood decks.

Wood is the classic decking material, however, innovations in composite materials now outperform wood. Installing a natural wood deck harms the environment, as it contributes to deforestation. Wood requires yearly maintenance in the form of sanding, painting, resurfacing or staining. This is due to the natural degradation of the material from weather and insects. Although natural wood can be beautiful, it is prone to fading, staining, and splintering.


Trex proprietary composite wood simulates the beauty of natural wood while acting in two ways to help the environment. Each Trex board is 95% recycles materials, and as a company, Trex saves 400 million pounds of plastic and wood from landfills each year. When you install a 500-foot deck, you save over 140,000 plastic bags from ending up in landfills. No other composite boards come close to the eco-friendly approach of Trex boards.


Wood decking is prone to degradation and requires yearly maintenance to restore its natural beauty. Trex composite boards come in four different styles of wood, Tiki, Redwood, Cedar, and Pressure Treated Lumber, with many options for colors. These gorgeous shades are guaranteed to age well, up to 25 years of beauty, without having to re-stain or resurface the material. These boards are also termite proof, ensuring your investment will not only age beautifully, but will not come with the headache of having to replace the wood.


Trex material is also miles above other composite decking brands. This is because of the company’s innovative technology of the high-performance, weather resistant outer shell. Other brands do not include this modification from earlier generation composite technology. The engineered outer shell is fade and stain resistant does not require periodic washing and makes Trek decks unaffected by mold and mildew. PVC is another option for those looking for wood alternatives, however, this material does not maintain the beauty of Trex Composites due to its susceptibility to chalking, fading, and staining. Furthermore, PVC is not environment-friendly as it is composed of virgin plastic, unlike the eco-friendly approach of Trex.


Trex brand decking is the absolute best choice on the market, with simple upkeep and a guarantee to remain beautiful much longer than wood and it’s competitors. Designer Decks and Patios experts have chosen this brand above others due to Trex being the market leader in beauty and sustainability. The professionals at Designer Decks and Patios can inform you of the almost limitless options in customization of color and style for your Trex deck. Choose the brand which protects your investment, through an eco-friendly, customizable and extremely durable composite decking which will be a gorgeous addition to your home for decades.