Ways to maintain your Deck and Patio throughout the Winter Time

While you may use your cement patio or wooden deck during the spring, summer and autumn, you likely won’t sit outside during the winter. This means that you must care for the decks and patios on your property so that the items will last longer. Here are a few tips for taking care of your patio and deck.

Tip 1: Store the Items that You Keep On a Patio

Storing the items that you keep on the patio or deck can preserve the surfaces of the items. Rain and snow can degrade your outdoor furniture, but the moisture can also lead to stains on the cement and wood from the chairs, tables and chaises. The paint and stain from wood outdoor furniture can run off of the items, but if you leave metal furniture outside, then the wood and cement can develop ugly rust stains.

Tip 2: Wash the Decks and Patios

You must wash the cement and wooden patios or decks to remove any debris such as decayed leaves, algae or food spills. If you don’t remove these substances, then the debris can freeze or seep into the wood and cement, creating a deeper stain that is more difficult to remove next spring.

Tip 3: Make Repairs on a Warm Day

Make sure to check the wooden materials of a deck for damage such as rotted boards on the flat surface, steps or railings. During the winter, rotted wood can break from the weight of snow and ice. If you are walking on any deck or patio steps that lead to your home, then having a rotted step or handrail can lead to a dangerous fall. Replace damaged wood slats, or you can use a hammer and nails to fix loose materials.

Tip 4: Add Sealants to Your Patio or Deck

The ice, rain, and snow from winter weather can destroy the wood and cement on decks or patios, so before it gets too cold, make sure to apply sealants to the items. Don’t wait until it is too cold to work outside to apply these protective substances that will repel moisture throughout the winter to prevent rotting wood and crumbling cement.

Tip 5: Remove Snow from the Patio and Decks

While you are shoveling snow from your home’s sidewalks and driveway, you must take the time to remove the snow from your property’s decks and patios. With snow removal, the heat from the sun can reach the cement and wood surfaces to dry the materials to prevent extensive damage to the surfaces throughout the winter.

Plan a Patio or Deck Installation for Next Spring

If you have an old or boring deck and patio, then winter is a great time to think about ways to make improvements. By looking at photographs of patios and decks in magazines or online, you can decide if you want to build new outdoor relaxation and entertainment areas. Contact Designer Decks and Patios in Ashburn, Va., today to learn more about our services.